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A Poil les Poils !

Nathalie DECOSTER, as ever accompanied by her faithful messenger, the “little man”, has explored a new, world: the world of hairs!
In our collective consciousness, this subject is redolent of the forbidden… and that’s precisely what interested Nathalie DECOSTER: seeing things as they are, and not as they seem!
To do away with taboos, break away from established behaviour and conditioning, to achieve one’s one truth…

A tribute to the senses, emotions, instinct, and spontaneity, the underlying goal is to accept oneself rather than to give in to repression and “what will people think”. That’s the message of Nathalie DECOSTER’s new theme.

On the creative level, this allegory materializes in an astonishing phenomenon not unlike metamorphosis: from bronze, that infallible and daunting substance, sprout, grow, develop all sorts of hairs –feathers, coats, furs, draping the metal with a voluptuous sensual dimension.
With levity, poetry, and infinite simplicity, Nathalie DECOSTER describes the events which mark all our lives: encounters, instant attraction, love, fantasies, intimacy, sexuality… so many natural phenomena to construct!

Nathalie DECOSTER suggests the necessity of introspection and solitude as cornerstones of the stages of each of our life paths: each stage becomes a sort of “Awakening”, inspiring us to advance, and to one day finally reach “Nirvana”, and maybe even “Seventh Heaven”!!!!!


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