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“Monumental” is a very relative term, and a question of perception.
The sculptures classified as such in the work of Nathalie Decoster begin at around 1m50 without any height limit.

The largest size she has produced for the time being is a piece that measures 9 meters by 5 meters, however her collaboration with engineering and design firms always pushes the limits further, especially since she already thinks on the scale of cities.
Although Nathalie works in smaller “indoor” sizes, she likes to combine her philosophical sculptures with nature, either mastered or just glimpsed around the bend of a grove, like a surprise, with background elements like the sea, the snow-covered mountain, etc.
On the other hand, as she did for the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris (for example), she finds it interesting to reflect in large-scale interior locations or that have a more urban exterior, very early on in projects, or like the cherry that is placed atop the cake to add a little magic (the artist’s role, she says…)


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