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Aquisição Aeroporto de Paris Charles de Gaulle

Project Description

Aquisição de duas esculturas

> 2014
o Aeroporto Internacional de Paris Charles de Gaulle – terminal 2E

Reflecting on “The passing of time”

A pair of great bronze sculptures by French artist Nathalie Decoster have been installed at opposite ends of the square to give more soul to the space. The artist titled the pieces “Le Temps qui passe” [The Passing of Time] and “L’Air du temps” [The Spirit of the Times]. Standing on their Carrara marble plinth, they invite passengers to escape the moment and reflect on the notion of time. As Nathalie Decoster puts it, “with time, we unburden ourselves of the unnecessary, we make the effort to really look and listen…” The task of lighting the two sculptures was undertaken in partnership with Ingélux, the same company that arranged the lighting of the Mona Lisa. Press release: ©ADP-2014

fotos: ©Michel Blossier

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